Sunday, August 25, 2019

Battle of the Bay Art Show 2019 - In Matts We Trust

This year, I was honored to be selected among many entrants to participate in the annual Battle of the Bay Art Show held during the Oakland Athletics vs. San Francisco Giants "Bay Bridge Series."  My entry to the show is in honor of the awesome 3rd and 1st basemen on the A's, both named Matt!  Matt Chapman and Matt Olson are a virtually unstoppable combo on both offense and defense, so I wanted to combine my love of the A's and my fondness for themed design. This was a fun event, and I hope to participate again next season!

(Update: As of the final day of the Bay Series, I was excited to learn that my framed print was sold to a fan!  Proceeds will be split between myself and the A's & Giants' Community Funds!)