Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good News, Everyone!

Been away from the ol' blog for a while, but I was so overcome with joy I felt compelled to holler from the virtual mountaintop...Futurama is coming back! Comedy Central has announced that they are ordering 26 new episodes of the series, after the success of the DVD movie sales and apparently, ratings for reruns on Comedy Central. After many years, there will once again be new weekly adventures with Fry, Leela, Bender, The Professor and the rest of 'em!

Honestly, I had dared not put much hope in this vague possibility, though I knew there was a chance. I was kind of disappointed when Futurama left Adult Swim, I felt like Cartoon Network was it's adopted "home." I hadn't really watched much Comedy Central for a while and it just isn't one of the stations I "automatically" find myself punching in when looking for something to pass the time. Well, once they announced the straight-to-video movies, it was clear that they were attempting the "Family Guy" miracle of reigniting a "dead star." I purposely bought, rather than Netflixed, each new movie, trying to do my part to show demand for the return of the series, and was thrilled by the crazy reception the Futurama panels always received at Comic Con. A lot of people I know love The Simpsons but say they "just couldn't get into" Futurama. Well, this was proof that there are still any people out there who ARE into it, and never let it go. I'm looking forward to the return of what I consider one of the greatest TV series ever, and I'm sure the throngs will be extra crazy at Comic Con this year. Wouldn't miss it for the world.