Monday, April 28, 2008

Orderliness feels good!

After a somewhat chaotic period, I have finally had the time to get my house in order, both in the physical and digital realms! When you are working full time little things start to creep up, and before ya know it there are little piles of paper and DVDs and assorted ephemera that can become big piles if you keep stepping over them on the way to work or bed. The computer can suffer a similar virtual dilemma, with all manner of mp3s and URL links scattered into digital clutter. Suffice it to say, as a generally orderly person I dinna like it when this clutter creeps up on me. With a more moderate schedule I have been able to get my PC un-frazzled and my desk and floor as well. Small triumph? Perhaps. Small triumphs can still feel good, and put one in a positive mood conducive to doing bigger and better things. I will take joy in every little thing I can!