Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gotta start somewhere...

Hello all, my name is Kevin Wood, and I am probably the last person on Earth to get around to starting his or her own blog. Odd, since I enjoy reading and discussion so much, and am always reading other people's blogs and commenting on posts and articles. Maybe I'm averse to attention, or at least careful about what elements of myself I draw attention to. Yet I strive to create artworks that will be noticed, perhaps inspiring others and provoking thought. Of course, being paradoxical is all part and parcel to being a creative person. Maybe I'm old fashioned, not quote ready for the uber-candid zeitgeist of today's online world. Jeezus, my first blog post and I'm already using "zeitgeist." Next thing you know I'll be paraphrasing quotations mis-attributed to famous thinkers and going off on stream-of-consciousness rants. Well, two out of three ain't bad for a start. Anywhoooo, enough verbal effluence...

In the coming months/years/eternity, I'll be posting (at an almost perfectly intermittent rate) my thoughts on art and life, sharing other cool creative stuff I come across online, and responding to comments I receive. I hope this will be a fun, open site for anyone interested in art and animation, or really anyone with something to say.

I'll conclude my first post with a link to my website (Yes, many of you have probably come to this blog FROM, but some of you may not have, so there it is!)

Good day and good blogging!

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